“The absolute best of the best extractions from us.
This is head stash, connoisseur grade oil.”

Master Extractor and Resident IG Celebrity

Maximum flavor, aroma, strength, and cleanliness are what set us apart from the competition. Showcasing the exceedingly versatile nature of ultra-premium quality cannabis, MFUSED’s Shatter and Wax is handcrafted in small batches by Knottyy through an artisanal light hydrocarbon process. To bring you award winning oil, our ultra top shelf line of Knottyy oil is hand selected; We choose the absolute finest strains from the industries top cultivators, (less than 5% of all growers meet Knottyy’s lofty standards). This premium shatter and wax is compatible with all dabbing rigs and vape pens.

MFUSED by Knottyy | Shatter & Waxes

Exhibiting the most appealing qualities a concentrate can provide, MFUSED by Knottyy is our definitive expression of an ultra-premium cannabis strain in concentrate form. Our proprietary technique focuses on balancing terpene retention with peak potency, while safely removing any measurable amount of solvent. The result? Exceptional clarity coupled with a rich aroma and luscious flavor.

“Loud, proud and full of distinctive terps! Terpenes are our friends…”
Knottyy - Master Extractor and Resident IG Celebrity

Our most popular

terpene rich, full plant extraction

Artfully Crafted By Knottyy

our expert alchemist crafting an abundant full spectrum concentrate embodying the true essence of each strain

Patiently purged

under low temperatures for maximum terpene retention; you cannot rush quality

A tremendous value

for it’s harmonious combination of flavor and potency

Connoisseur Collection | Shatter & Waxes

MFUSED by Knottyy Connoisseur Collection shatter and wax is the supreme expression of the distinctive flavor profile of each cannabis strain. Crafted with special nug run reserve hand selected and cured for ultimate altitude.

“I’m a huge fan of Knottyy’s Connoisseur Collection.  The flavors are unreal, and it’s always an incredible experience.  If you like loud oil, you’ll love this stuff.”

Sharon Evans - Have A Heart Customer

Handcrafted small batch full nug runs

pulled from only the finest cultivated and freshest cannabis flower

Limited and rare

each package is individually numbered by Knottyy

Representing the epitome

of Knottyy’s experience in the art of extraction

Unparalleled dabbing experience

with truly discerning flavors