MFUSED Vapor Oil Cartridges Q&A with Adam
Co-Founder, Cannabis Guru and Resident Mad Scientist

Getting Started


What type of battery do I need?

Our cartridge is compatible with most batteries that use a 5/10 thread.  Just screw it on, clockwise.  Sometimes, the cartridge is screwed on too tight and needs to be slightly loosened (you’ll notice this if battery indicator light blinks when you press the push button and it doesn’t work).  We recommend that you use a battery with at least 400 mAh and no higher than 900 mAh.  650 mAh would be ideal, with between 3.6 – 4.2 volts.

How do I take a hit?

With a push button battery, press and hold for 1-2 seconds, then inhale lightly (more like a cigarette than a joint) for 2-3 seconds, while continuing to press button.

How many hits should I take?

Our cartridges are meant to offer about 100-200 servings or “hits,” depending on how hard you draw.  Try to take 1 or 2, at first.  Wait about 5-15 minutes for the effects to kick in.  It is usually better to take it slow, but if you are searching beyond, vape some more and let it go.

Any storage tips for the cartridges and batteries?

We love our sun and the water in Washington, but they are not our friends in this case, so store your cartridges and batteries in a dry, cool & dark place, away from direct sunlight and moisture.  If you happen to refrigerate them, make sure that you give them a few minutes to warm up to room temperature before vaping.  If you happen to keep your cartridges screwed onto your battery, be cautious about storing these in your pant pockets, as they can break or leak if you are physically active or sit up and down often. Happy vaping!

About our cartridges

There are so many different strains available, which one do you recommend?

First of all, do not get too hung up picking that one perfect strain.  It does not exist!  Your preferences may vary depending on the mood you are in.  I personally look for strains that I think taste good.  Then, I just look forward to the experiences I get from trying many different strains.

Terpenes, terpenes, everyone is talking about terpenes! What are they?

Terpenes are molecules that exist in all plants.  They give each cannabis strain it’s unique aroma (smell) and flavor (taste).  Specific terpenes also have a synergistic effect with THC & CBD and can influence the type of high you experience. Here at MFUSED, we never add artificial terpenes to our products. Our proprietary low-impact process maximises native cannabis terpene retention so that you can actually taste the essence of the real plant, as nature intended. You won’t find any artificial additives or flavors in any of our cartridges. Our emphasis is 100% NATURAL TERPENES.

Why are MFUSED Vapor Oil cartridges sometimes stronger than usual?

At MFUSED, we take every opportunity possible to craft “bud runs” with the best flower the community offers.  Bud runs have higher THC, compared to trim runs, which is what many of our competitors use.  All of our CO₂ vapor oil cartridges are pure and uncut, completely free of chemical additives.  The purity of our product naturally leads to higher THC levels. Our Clear Distillate Vapor Oil cartridges have industry leading THC levels because we only use high-quality CO₂ and BHO as starting material.  We then use latest low-impact minimal heat distillation and cannabinoid isolation technology to reach the highest levels of purity and potency.

I go through your new cartridges so much faster now, why is that?

The hits on our new and improved cartridges are 2-3x bigger.  That means more flavor and more THC.  We recommend taking one third to one half as big of a draw than usual.

The Tough Questions

Is there a difference between the effects of CO₂ vapor oil cartridges vs. the effects of the clear distillate vapor oil?

Yes, there is a difference.  How and what you feel largely depends on the ratio of terpenes and cannabinoids, including THCA, THC, CBD, CBN, CBG, etc. The CO2 extraction process preserves more of the full spectrum of whole plant cannabinoids and terpenes, leading to activated THC between 70-80%, with the remaining 20-30% consisting of beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes. The distillate extraction process is better at concentrating activated THC, with THC “potency” approaching 90%. Many people prefer CO2 for the “entourage effect” of native cannabis terpenes and cannabinoids, leading to a smoother ride to a sustained high, whereas others prefer distillate for that quick euphoric high.

What are your thoughts on “natural” terpenes found in cannabis vs. cannabis-derived terpenes?

We see value in both, however, pure cannabis-derived terpenes, with their natural cannabinoid profile are truly special, which explains why they can be 10-20x as expensive.  Capturing the true essence of cannabis in a cartridge is ultimately our goal at MFUSED, hence why we only use single strain pure cannabis-derived terpenes in our CO2 Vapor Oil cartridges.

How much cannabis is in a 0.5g cartridge and how much do I get every draw?

Each cartridge contains anywhere from 350mg to 450mg of cannabinoids.  There are about 3-5mg in each hit of MFUSED Vapor Oil cartridges.  I would recommend that you start with 1 or 2 light draws, then wait and see how things go.  Everyone has different tolerance levels when it comes to cannabis.

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