“For those that savor an epic high that transcends the standard joint,
because that’s how we roll!”

Chief Awesomeness Officer, Sales

An MFUSED Fatty combines one gram of the finest flower strains with MFUSED premium concentrates, for a consistent joint loaded with cannabinoids, leaving you with plenty to pass around. 100% flower perfectly paired with 100% terpene rich pure cannabis oil, all from one unique strain and farm to truly showcase the brilliance of
Washington’s finest growers.

One gram

of premium flower perfectly paired with 100mg of pure CO2 oil

Single Strain

specific oil and flower

Always Packed

full of premium flower from the best responsible growers

Highly Potent

with a full spectrum flavor profile

Flavorful Joint

naturally terpene rich

Chemical Free

no added glycols, residual solvents, or additives ever

Independently Tested

all our products are tested to ensure no harmful pesticides

 “I only smoke flower and I love a good joint. The Fatty is some A+ dank. Great for sharing with friends. Hits hard, burns consistently and is so smooth.”
- Eric, tech industry lifer