c02 Vapor Oils

Our flagship concentrate presents a whole plant profile, enhancing full cannabinoid and terpene retention. Ofering full spectrum therapeutic efects with a prolonged high.

The whole plant, root to flower, is appreciated in the production process utilizing our cutting edge “Supercritical C02 extraction” technology, giving you the best of cannabis with a clean, flavorful taste and lasting high.

• Full cannabinoid and terpene retention
• 100% pure cannabis oil

THC Distillate Vapor

Our most powerful vaping oil, this highly purified concentrate packs a punch you feel instantly. Boasting the highest percentage THC with a superior flavor profile, potently note worthy.

 Our exclusive distillation process retains the natural full plant profile including flavor & fragrance. After distillation we re-infuse terpenes, the unique natural flavor molecules found in cannabis, for a superior taste and immediate peak high.

• Full cannabinoid and terpene retention
• 100% pure cannabis oil

High CBD Vapor

Therapeutic grade standards produce a wellness line with discreet implementation. This oil boasts a perfect balance of CBD and THC, for a clear, grounded relaxing high suited for any situation.

The best high-CBD strains are cultivated specifically for this craft oil. Utilizing our whole plant process, we ofer a 1:1 CBD to THC ratio. Enhancing the full spectrum efect and empowering a clear, body-oriented experience.

• 1:1 CBD to THC ratio
• Clearer, body-oriented experience

MFUSED “Fatty’s” oil infused flower pre-rolls

This hybrid joint combines a half gram of the finest flower strains with Mfused premium concentrates, for a consistent joint delivering over 50mg THC: plenty to pass around.


Ultra-potent glass-like distillate. Made for experienced dabbers, this is our top shelf highest quality concentrate.
• Ultra-refined, clear, and stable

• Net wt 0.5gm / 1gm

Shatter, Wax & other Concentrates

Honeycomb-like concentrate for dabbing, with an astonishing combination of flavor and punch that will leave you floored. • Maximum terpene retention, high flavor product.

• Net wt 0.5gm / 1gm