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First medical cannabis investment took root. Seed to flower, our first cultivation project began in Seattle, Washington.


Offering our seasoned knowledge to the medical community, we began consulting on build out and management of cannabis gardens.


In collaboration with our innovative peers, west coast pioneers of medical cannabis, we began focused R&D refining BHO extractions, solventless and supercritical CO₂ extractions.


Focusing in on the therapeutic advancements of our products, we began full-time management of our grows specializing in high CBD strains for medical patients.


Research and co-development with other PNW and West Coast extraction experts to create consumable cannabis oil products for MMJ patients


Developed low impact refinement process that has now become the standard in the extraction industry


Started Thinc Extracts to focus on cannabis oil; Launched first pure, uncut, cannabis oil cartridge in the WA medical market


Seattle Seahawks win their first Super Bowl Championship. We launched the first 1:1 High CBD cartridge in the WA medical market and developed a early THCA Crystalline product


Started MFUSED as a premium extraction focused processor in the WA medical market


Seattle Sounders win their first MLS Cup. MFUSED resists going recreational and continues operating in the WA medical market until July 1, 2016, displaying our loyalty to the needs of the medical marijuana community; Knottyy joins the MFUSED team as Master Extractor


MFUSED completes the buildout of its new extraction facility in the Georgetown neighborhood of Seattle and receives full activation from the Washington Liquor and Cannabis Board as a recreational processor, bringing our full suite of extracted oil, concentrates and infused products to the WA recreational market